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Roadrunner Manufacturing is here to support the family farmer to turn your crop into income. We have options for flower and shake as well as turning your flower into value added products to maximize your profit. 

Smokable Flower

There are many options for selling your flower. We can take your small buds or shake and turn it into highly desirable pre rolls. We specialize in all-flower pre rolls that you can ask a premium price for either wholesale or at your retail location. 

Another option is to package your premium flower in glass jars to create top-shelf appeal. You can really feature the quality of your flower by packaging it into jars and boxing it to showcase your brand.

Concentrates & Kief

Concentrates are a very popular form of getting cannabis into the body. We offer solvent free methods of extracting the resin from flower which is the perfect extraction method for your organic flower. 

Our method of removing  kief from flower involves no chemicals or solvents producing a more natural final product. Roadrunner can also turn kief into rosin, which is a concentrate that can be used to incorporate into other value-added hemp products. 

Edibles & Tinctures

Cannabis edibles are one of the best selling products at dispensaries and one of the best ways to maximize your profits. We offer incredible formulations for gummies, hard candy, and suckers that are highly in demand.  

Tinctures are another option that is very popular with the medical crowd. We carry MCT Oil and cold pressed hemp seed oil in stock, but if you have another carrier oil in mind, we will be happy to work with you. You may choose from several different formulations that can include flavors and sweeteners, too. We will offer you suggestions or listen to what your ideas are for your brand.


THC infused topicals are another favorite way to incorporate cannabis oil into a useable product. We offer many solutions such as balm, body butter, and lotion. We have some base formulations that are ready to go, but if you have a product in mind, we are open to working on new recipes.

Topicals are very open to be customized with different essential oils and natural ingredients to target the needs of your customers. There are also many different packaging options that will make your brand stand out from the rest.

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