Dynamite Stick


Premium All Flower Kief Infused Pre Rolls

  • 0.75 gram pre rolls
  • one pre roll per unit
  • sold in lots of 50 or 100
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Get BLOWN AWAY with our line of premium infused pre rolls we call a DYNAMITE STICK.

  • All of our pre rolls are hand ground so that we can ensure no stems or leaves are incorporated into the mix.
  • We hand sift the kief directly from the flower to achieve the best quality product.
  • Our infused pre rolls contain a mixture of 85% flower and 15% kief that are again combined by hand.

These pre rolls are packaged and ready for sale. They are in a clear pop-top tube with a full length seal so the labels stay put and the consumer is confident it has not been tampered with.

Dynamite Sticks will give your customers a great user experience and keep them coming back for more.


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